All It Takes Is A Hand

And he took him by the right hand and raised him up; and immediately his feet and ankles were made strong.” Acts 6:7

Sometimes it just takes a hand! I’ve come to discover that there are many people who, on the outset, seem to just struggle at getting life right. It seems as if they are never on the up and up, seems like opportunities keep skipping over their front door, and it seems as if they can’t catch a “break,” unless the “break” is something else is that is falling apart in their lives! But I believe what’s more disheartening is that society, and I must include “Christians”, tend to categorize people by their perceived life experiences and those categories are often unpleasant; lazy, worthless, scum, avoid them all at costs, etc.! The mind-boggling thing is that the type of people we would tend to place in these categories are essentially the people we’ve been called to share with. Even more crazy is that God could use our sharing to spark a change in the lives of those we share with!

The potential of sharing is documented in our passage today. Peter and John are going to the temple to pray and they run into a regular who is placed at the gate of the temple and begs! We can only wonder why people would bring him to the gates to beg. Maybe they didn’t want to be bothered with him all day or maybe they were getting a cut from what he could muster that day. It’s funny how people will aid your condition in such ways that it is convenient for them! He asks Peter and John did they have any money, any food, or anything to give. Peter and John explain to him that they don’t have these things to give, but they have something much more powerful and much more beneficial! While many would argue it was healing that they gave the man, I pray we not miss the power of sharing! They didn’t shake their heads at him, walk real fast past him, or shun him, but they took the time to share the power of Christ with him! Be mindful, it wasn’t their power, but they shared with the lame man the witness of Christ’s power! This is the grand part, while they interjected the power of Christ into the man’s situation, they made themselves available to be used by the power of Christ. Christ’s power became a wave of energy that moved through each of the men’s limbs to where Peter and John took the man by the hand and the power moved to give strength to the lame man’s feet and ankles. His condition changed and all it took was a hand!

Could it be that there is power waiting to change the world residing in your hands! What situation or challenges are facing someone’s life and they could be changed just by you extending your hand!



See where your hand is needed and don’t be afraid to lend it!


Wishing You a Focused Friday!

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