Stewardess Board | Holsey Chapel CME Church

Stewardess Board | Holsey Chapel CME Church

Confirmed officers who are responsible for the temporal affairs of the church

Serve the Table of the Lord, serve the Table of the poor, and serve the Table of the ministry

Ensure the maintenance and security of the house of God charged to our keeping, as a place of safe and spiritual haven for those who worship and visit.

Board of Evangelism
Our mission is to spread the ‘Good News” of Jesus Christ and enhance the spiritual life of the congregation.

Board of Christian Education
The mission of the Board of Christian Education is “Making Disciples through events that form and transform”. The Board organizes and administers the educational ministry and activities of the church that facilitate a cooperative, fluid, and orderly environment for the church community.

Lay Council
To be an advocate and witness for Christ and to be continually involved in learning about the church and community, to the end that the church grows in fulfilling its mission.

Women’s Missionary Society
Women seeking to discover the mission and unity of the church in Christ Jesus; make it known abroad and to encourage cooperation, fellowship, and mutual counsel concerning the spiritual life and religious activities of the church.

Usher Board Ministry
The ministry to welcome all of God’s people into the house of the Lord!

Ministry to Men
Provide guidance, hope, and inspiration to men throughout the church body. In addition the ministry seeks to develop Christen men who are sensitive to God’s will for their lives and aide them in their spiritual growth and at becoming better husbands, fathers and men of God contributing to the life of the community.

Young Adult Ministry
For adults ages 18 – 35. To provide ministry opportunities and to minister to the specific needs of this age group. Designed also to bring young adults in the mainstream of church life.

Stepping Stones Ministry
A ministry opportunity designed to support all facets of church life, many programs spearheaded by this group include:  Annual Turkey Give-A-Way, Black History Program, Annual Grandparents Celebration Day, Holsey Step Challenge (10K-A-Day), and much more!