Women’s Fellowship
The ministry’s first goal is to work and build God’s kingdom at Holsey Chapel. Also, the ministry works to uplift and encourage women of all ages by providing an avenue for women to gather and grow in their relationship with Christ and with other sisters.

New Members Ministry
The New Member Ministry is responsible for integrating new members in the fellowship of the Holsey Chapel Church. Each new member is assigned a mentor and that mentor is very important in helping our new members learn more and get involved in our church. 

Stepping Stones Ministry
The Stepping Stones Ministry is a friendly and creative group who enjoy working together to help others. Members view each ministry project as a stepping stone, helping them cross over to a stronger relationship with God and Christian service.

Pastor’s Aide Board
The purpose of this board is to nurture and support the Pastor, carry out any special duties assigned by the pastor and spearhead the Annual Pastor’s Appreciation activity. Members should be persons of solid piety, love the Lord, support the mission of the church, work with other members in love and harmony and have a heart for showing kindness toward the pastor and his family.